Containerize React.js Application With Node.js

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A hands-on lab with step by step approach to create container with react.js application and node.js using docker.

Containerizing an application has a lot of advantages of which some major ones are listed below,

  1. Portability : The usual complaint of a developer “But it runs on my machine !!” whenever a bug found in production, will be almost gone, as the same encapsulated unit will be used in development, staging and production.
  2. Scalability: The container orchestration platform like docker swarm and kubernetes have very cosmetic changes in their configuration to scale the number of containers. So, the scaling is at our fingertips.
  3. Better Application Development: It provides quicker ways for DevOps and Testing in Application Development cycle.

A node.js application can act as a web server for react.js application. In this article you will find a resource link to hands-on lab with step by step approach to containerize react.js application with node.js.

Some pre-requisites for the lab: The learner must have basic knowledge of Building React.js Application and Docker Fundamentals.

I hope this lab will be helpful in your learning journey. Please find the link below.




Consultant — ReactJS | Full Stack | AWS | GCP ( connect @ )

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Subraya Pai

Subraya Pai

Consultant — ReactJS | Full Stack | AWS | GCP ( connect @ )

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